Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Wi-Fi Subtleties Explained (Throughput Algebra) - CWNP blog

Links to WiSE articles on Wi-Fi throughput algebra:

First article: http://www.cwnp.com/cwnp_wifi_blog/the-wise-article-series-wi-fi-subtleties-explained-throughput-algebra/

UDP throughput is roughly 2/3 of data rate
TCP throughput is roughly 1/2 of data rate

Second article: http://www.cwnp.com/cwnp_wifi_blog/the-wise-article-series-wi-fi-subtleties-explained-parameters-that-matter/

30% improvement in the throughput with the use of 40 MHz channels compared to 20 MHz channels

Third article: http://www.cwnp.com/cwnp_wifi_blog/the-wise-article-series-wi-fi-subtleties-explained-channel-bonding/

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